Pete Lambert


Not a webdesign portfolio

Hi, I'm Pete Lambert. I'm a web designer from Yorkshire, in the North of the UK, and I have been since the late 1990s. That's a long time, right? Anyway, this isn't my portfolio. I don't have one. I did have one, but I kind of let it lapse and it was only really showcasing work I did before 2010 when I started working at Logikcull.

Since then I've done a bucket-load of great work in webapp UI design and development on Logikcull's amazing app. It's work I'm very proud of. Cutting edge stuff, really. But not really stuff I can share on a portfolio site so you'll have to take my word for it.

Outside of work I'm an keen cyclist. I race Cyclocross in the Winter and ride road, mtb and cross all year round. Here's a link to my Strava profile.

I combined these two interests recently to build Ride The Weather - a little Python-based weather forecasting webapp giving the most salient cycling conditions for where you're riding right now. It's a work in progress and it's my first Python project. I like it and find it useful, which is why I built it. Here's the Github page for that.

There are other things going on in my life. You could get to know about them by getting in touch on twitter (@peterjlambert) or dropping me email. I'm a friendly guy. I look forward to making your aquaintance.